Orchard Park is where shared moments between friends and family become traditions anew. Located in the heart of the Boise metropolitan area [Meridian, Idaho], Orchard Park offers a balanced mix of essentials [grocery store, boutique shops, hair salon, gyms, and more], entertainment venues, a new public library, architectural residences, and over 5 acres of park space.

Come discover local, refined.

the future of communities:


We have designed an 80 acre intentional community - organized into districts: Shops, Residential, Office, The Park - all accessible on foot for by bike, to best serve the community's needs.


By injecting an intentional community into a vibrant, yet peaceful, area with top rated pre-kindergarten and K-12 schools [all accessible by bike, or foot], we have truly created a walkable community - giving you time back in your life to do the things that matter most with the people that you love.


Time is our most precious resource. By designing a community - that is a complete ecosystem - serving your day-to-day needs, you get precious time back to be spent with your family, friends, focusing on your career [or business], and improving your health.

Hassle Free Living.

There's a concept called 'second shift': After we put in a full day's work, we start our second job of managing our life. On the way home, we stop at the market, do some banking, pick up our dry cleaning, and get some gas. All those things take away critical time. If we can give you back that time, I think you're going to like hanging out with us.

Better for the environment, better for you.

By creating an intentional community, we get you out of the car - where you can run errands on foot, walk your kids to school or sports practice, catch a Zoom session at home or in your office (in the office district). Walkable, energy efficient design, complete community.

checking all the right boxes...

Mountain Landscape

Centrally located in one of the most desirable places to live in the U.S.


#1 Fastest Growing City FEB 2018

Enjoy the walkable lifestyle,The Orchard offers, and be on the edge of access to world class amenities.


Whether you're up for a round of golf, mountain bike session, SUP paddle, you have access in less than 10 minutes. In 20 minutes you can be at a ballet performance, surfing at Boise's whitewater park, or on a plane for a weekend adventure. 45 minutes and you're skiing at Boise's local resort, Bogus Basin [Sun Valley, Tamarack and Brundage are also 2-3 hours away].


Want a weekend in? We have that covered too. Orchard Park offers all the amenities you enjoy - outdoor fitness, gyms, spa, groceries, restaurants, library, civic plaza with regular programming and more.

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a few of our favorite things

Fun for days.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, these videos are worth millions. It's hard to express how special of place Idaho is, and what the Treasure Valley offers its residents.