Essentialism is Orchard Park's North Star.

The preciousness of time is the currency.

Biking at Night

Walkable, bikeable, complete.

Chill fireside and soak up the final minutes of a perfect day at the plaza.

Girl Watching Sunset
Sitting by Campfire

Step into a local coffee shop to connect with friends or do some critical work.

Casual Meeting
Coffee and Donuts
Local Coffee Shop
Excited Children in Science Class
Kids Swinging
Ready for School

Free range children are encouraged - you bring the children, we provide the environments for learning, recreation and play.

There's always room for freshly made ice cream, always.

Ice Cream & Scoops
Ice Cream Shop
Melting Ice Creams
Bicycle Store
Bicycle Repair Shop
Mountain Bikers Riding Downhill

Get your bike tuned up for that weekend ride.

Black Bicycle

Get Fido fluffed up.

Full Grooming
Nail Clip
Cute Dog
Barber's Pole
Trimming Beard

Get yourself fluffed up.

Natural Beauty
Plant filled contemporary office space
Woman Skateboard Shopping

Shop your way.

All The Choices
Vintage Fashion
Fancy Night Event

Engaging atmospheres for that perfect social gathering.

Business Owner
Hipster Couple

See familiar faces, support local businesses.

Silhouettes on Ipanema
Female Surfer

Hang at the beach, really, we have one of those, and a surf wave - because no beach is a beach without surf.

Orchard Park is a feeling. We're focused on helping people get back to what matters... the basics - human connection, creativity, and wonder.

Boy Sitting on a Chair