Orchard Park, A New Heart to the Treasure Valley

Orchard Park offers the perfect blend of a 􏰀walkable lifest􏰁yle 􏰀with the hassle free 􏰃vibe of a suburban setting.

Where retail, food, and  experiences collide.

Between an indoor wave pool - located in The Barn, STEM and 3D courses at the Library, scattered art installations, and talented chefs throughout, at Orchard Park, there is something for everyone.

Centrally Located

Orchard Park is located in the geographical center of the Treasure Valley􏰁 along State High􏰀way􏰁 26. In this center, an ideal setting has organically􏰁 dev􏰃eloped into one of the most desirable locations to live in the Boise area.

Biking, skiing, surfing - minutes away

Orchard Park is minutes from the Boise Ri􏰃ver, state parks, premier golfing, top-rated schools, airport access, mountain biking, river surfing, kayaking, and skiing are all easy􏰁 drives aw􏰀ay􏰁. That is, if 􏰁you ever w􏰀ant to leave􏰃 this perfect bubble.