LIfestyle District information & availability

Orchard Park is a "complete community" located amongst thousands of underserved new homes, in the center of the fastest growing metropolitan area in the U.S., and at the intersection of two of the busiest thoroughfares in the Treasure Valley.


We've worked extremely hard to design a differentiated walkable community complete with a main street [anchored by a library]. We are curating the absolute "right" tenants for our Main Street District - to create the best experience, and meet the daily needs of the surrounding community.


Orchard Park: Development Program

A complete community in the middle of suburbia.

Orchard Park has been designed to meet the needs of the surrounding community - offering the necessities [groceries, hair cuts, exercise, spa treatments and more], a community connection platform [main street, library, civic plaza], and entertainment [concept restaurants, breweries, movie theater and more].

Orchard Park Districts.

Orchard Park is comprised of distinct districts to optimize usability for both visitors and residents. The main street and lifestyle shops are located in the development's core - designed for longer visitor stays and cross-shopping.


Walk-ability was a major design concern bridging the main street and lifestyle shops with the residential district, as well as surrounding physically connected communities, including a nearby high school [Rocky Mountain High School], directly to the south of the development with a student body of 2,400 students.

Orchard Park: Location Data


local demographics

Project Location

  • Orchard Park is located in the City of Meridian, Idaho. Meridian is a western suburb of Boise, Idaho, which has experienced rapid population growth in the last decade.

  • Meridian, Idaho was the seventh fastest growing large city in the United States over the last decade, with its population expanding by 48% [1].

  • In 2019, Money Magazine ranked Meridian 9th on its top 10 "Best Places to Live" list.

  • In 2020 the Site Selectors Guild included Boise, ID in its top 10 list of best locations to shift or relocated corporate operations.

  • Idaho as a whole has one of the strongest economies in the nation with the 3rd highest projected ob growth rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics [2].

Percentage Population Growth [3]

Median Household Income

Meridian's Median Household Income is 112% of the national level [4].

Retail Sales per Capita

Retail sales per capita are 153% of the national level [4].

  1. Source: U.S. Census Bureau' "The 15 Fastest-Growing Large Cities - by Percent Change 2010 - 2019

  2. Source: State of Idaho Commerce Department

  3. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Population Estimates

  4. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2018 estimates

surrounding area

Surrounding Area Description

  • Orchard Park will serve over 25,000 homes within a 3-mile radius [1].

  • It will serve as the closest shopping and entertainment/experience opportunity for community members in neighboring cities including: Eagle, Middleton, Emmett, Meridian, Nampa and Star.

  • The affluent neighborhood communities nearby are considerably under served with restaurants, entertainment and services.

LIfestyle district: Details

Main Street.

The main street district has been designed to achieve perfect pedestrian scale so common in Western Europe. We want the main street district to be an extension of our guests' living rooms, a place they enjoy hanging out for hours with friends and family.

Download the brochure (below) for committed tenant information as well as space availability.


Lifestyle Experience.

Patio dining, activated streets, carefully curated tenants - all book-ended with a picturesque library and civic plaza. The Main Street at Orchard Park was built to be the living room to the community.

Main street: Space availability

Location, location, location.

Surrounded by thousands of under-served new homes and easy access to a major highways in the region, Orchard Park is a fantastic location for your business.


Orchard Park is situated on the strongest end [both from an income and house value perspective], of the strongest census tract [household income adjusted for population size] in the entire Treasure Valley. The location is an A+ location for best-in-class businesses.


Download the Brochure

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