Learning is cool, and better enjoyed with friends.

The Library Plaza serves as a natural gathering place for the community - centered around a modern library - with programming for children and adults of all ages.


Gather for story time, community yoga, or learn the latest 3D printing techniques while enjoying a locally crafted ice cream, coffee, beer, or perfectly executed pizza. This is the setting we only thought possible in the movies.

The Plaza

Featuring a grassy amphitheater wrapped with a farm-to-table restaurant, library and food hall - this is the perfect setting for an afternoon with the family or friends.

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Civic Minded

The library plaza serves as the central hub to our community.

Enjoying Ice Cream
Kids Reading Outdoor
Kids with Pony

Food Hall

The food hall features local purveyors - each offering impeccably executed, hand-crafted fare.

Street Food
Cups of Coffee
Sharing Food

Storytime, STEM, 3D printing classes, Cartoons, what's not to love?

3D Face Parts
3D Face Parts
Kids robot
Teacher and Kids in Library